is a smart contact on the EVM (ethereum virtual machine) which ensures immutable and decentralized petitions. This guarantees no petitions / votes are misrepresented or manipulated by anyone. also allows anyone to be a shareholder. Shareholders get equally distributed revenue from fees collected, again all decentralized. This way shareholders are guarenteed the correct percentage of profit with no outside party intervention. Learn more about becoming a shareholder here.

There is no fee to sign a petition. Just the cost of gas (usually around 0.000122298 ETH in gas).

Realistically the nature of decentralization is that you don't have to trust a company or team. If you take a look at the smart contract found here, you will notice that as a team we can only change the fees (in case ethereum hits $10,000 we can't still charge 0.1 ETH for a featured petition). Everything from creating a petition, signatures, unsigning, shareholders equally distributed revenue from fees collected and more is all set in the code. So if you create a petition or sign a petition we, as the founders and team members can't actually do anything to repress or alter what you've done. As for shareholders the fees are built into the smart contract where even if we wanted to (of course we don't, but just making a point), we couldn't even steal the shareholders equally distributed revenue.

There is a 0.001 ETH fee to create a petition. This is mainly to prevent people spamming the smart contract with low quality petitions.

You can also feature your petition for 1 week for 0.1 ETH (you can also renew beign featured week by week).

Yes. You can advertise on as well as other websites. You can use your own ETH or donated ETH to advertise on (a feature of is people can donate advertising money to your petition if they mutually believe in your cause).

Yes you are able to unsign a petition that you previously signed.

Petition signatures that include your name, email and zip code have a bigger impact to prove that signatures aren't duplicates. You are free to sign with or without your personal information although realize that to make a real impact a actual name and method of contact may be needed on a petition to petition basis.

Yes you can. You can list shares for sale here. You set the price and quantity.

In total there are 5,000,000 shares (no more can ever be minted / made).

No the shares are not a ERC-20 token. The shares are programmed into the smart contract ecosystem.