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    Invest and become apart of the shareholder community.
    Make decisions in the shareholder's chatroom, earn dividends from any fees collected and more!
    100% shareholder protection with decentralized dividend payouts built right into the smart contract.

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Why be a shareholder?

Own a Good Company

Be an owner of something that is good for the world. Allowing people to express opinions and vote for solutions in a decentralized matter can help remove corrupt politicians, help shape laws and legislation, saving endangered animals and plenty more.

Help Shape Petition.io's Future

In the Petition.io Shareholders chatroom; vision, design, product and more are discussed between all shareholders. Every shareholder can state their opinion and help the vision of Petition.io grow.

Earn Ethereum

Shareholders get their shares percent in fees collected from posting a petition, featuring a petition, peer to peer share transactions (through the share marketplace) and advertising. All which are included in the smart contract to assure all the fees are equally and fairly distributed.


In the case you catch yourself in a bind or possibly lost interest in the project, shareholders can list their shares for sale on the shares marketplace. This also creates an opportunity for appreciation of share value on top of the earnings collected while holding the shares.


The shares and shareholder functions are built directly into the Petition.io smart contract. Therefore shareholders don't have to worry about being ousted, shorted of their proportion of fees or scammed by a central authority.

Advantages & Opportunity

Petition.io is built on the blockchain so petitions can't be repressed or manipulated in any way and is selling shares at a low valuation (in comparison to centralized change.org [source]). This allows Petition.io to be for the popele and owned by the people.

Petition.io Advantages




Immutable Petition's, Votes & Signatures




Petitions & Signatures

The Immutable BlockChain Difference

Using the blockchain to leverage petitions, signatures and votes is ideal due to its imutable nature. Once a petition, signature or vote is recorded onto the blockchain via the Petition.io smart contract the data can never be erased. This prevents coruption, manipulation and the presentation of false data, which is a foundation to what petitions are about.

"Trustless", Everything Built into the Smart Contract

The Petition.io smart contract is programmed so every feature is trustless. If you sign, your signature is imutable. If you're a shareholder you revshare amounts are held in the smart contract. As a petitioner, voter or shareholder you don't have to depend on any thrid party to use this service. Even in a worse case scienerio, if the Petition.io website goes down, the smart contract still exists so another service can call and utilize the smart contract features.


Change.org is a centralized petition website that raised $72,000,000 giving up an unknown amount of equity (source). Change.org is a centralized company who can manipulate petition's and signatures. No one is saying Change.org is, but Petition.io is saying they have the opportunity to (The Petition.io smart contract does not allow any opportunity to manipulate or change any data).

Petition.io is offered at a lesser valuation and offers better technology then Change.org. 80% of all Petition.io shares are offered to the public to represent a service that is owned by the people and for the people.

Share Breakdown

5,000,000 Total Petition.io Shares

1,000,000 Shares held by Peition.io
(for development, servers, marketing, etc)

0.005 ETH Share Price

4,000,000 * 0.005 = 20,000 ETH raise for 80% of Petition.io

No time limit, once all shares are sold the only way to buy is from the peer to peer share marketplace

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